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Over time, our smile can begin to fade or discolor through the years. There are many reasons our oral health can naturally decline as we age depending on our food and habits like tobacco and alcohol use. However, one thing that is certain is that through the years our health can naturally decline, making our health a top priority.

Our dentist, Dr. J. Scott Thompson, DMD, is happy to help you with your oral health. That is why our team in Essex Junction, Vermont, is here to share with you advice and tips on how to take good care of your smile as you age.

Here are some tips and tricks to caring for your smile correctly:

– When you brush your teeth, be sure to choose a soft-bristled toothbrush that is gentle on your tooth enamel.
– Floss each day to keep your teeth and gums in top-notch health.
– If you wear dentures, always keep them clean each day and be sure to rinse them and take them out each night.
– Stop smoking because tobacco increases the risk of cancers, which can naturally increase with age.
– Visit your dentist regularly to fight any oral health threats you may have.

If you need help with your smile over time, or if you have questions about your oral health care, please call us today at 802-879-7811 to set up an appointment to see a member of our team. We are happy to help you with any of your questions or concerns about your smile.