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Are you familiar with the dangers of poor oral hygiene and why you should always look for alternative ways to keep your mouth clean? If for any reason you are struggling with your oral hygiene care despite brushing or flossing, it may be time to add additional utensils, such as mouthwash. However, be aware there are different types of mouthwash to consider. Whereas cosmetic mouthwash is designed to merely mask many underlying health problems, therapeutic mouthwash can be used to help treat issues that arise. Benefits of therapeutic mouthwash include the following:

– Therapeutic mouthwash has been shown to help slow the rate at which tartar builds up. Tartar occurs when plaque buildup is allowed to occur unimpeded in your mouth to the point that it hardens. Tartar will not be easily removed by standard brushing and flossing tools, but instead, you will need to visit our dentist for treatments.
– Therapeutic mouthwash can help lower the risk of bacteria and plaque buildup in your mouth.
– Therapeutic mouthwash has been shown to reach the underlying causes of bad breath and kill the bacteria responsible.
– If you are suffering from any stains or discolorations, it may be possible to seek out mouthwash that has teeth whitening treatment benefits.
– Therapeutic mouthwash has been clinically proven to help reduce or prevent gingivitis, which is an early stage of gum disease.

Are you in need of a reliable mouthwash or other cleaning utensils to help keep your smile safe? There has never been a better time to enhance your smile in Essex Junction, Vermont. You are welcome to schedule an appointment at Scott Thompson, DMD by calling us at 802-879-7811. Dr. J. Scott Thompson, DMD looks forward to enhancing your smile with therapeutic mouthwash and optimal oral health care.