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Do you currently have problems with your smile that a dental crown can fix? At Scott Thompson, DMD, Dr. J. Scott Thompson, DMD has helped patients in the Essex Junction, Vermont area solve many smile problems with the help of a dental crown restoration. Let’s take a quick look at just a few ways your smile may benefit from a dental crown to ‘cap’ a problem tooth.

-Large filling: A large filling covering half of the width of a tooth can make the tooth vulnerable to fracturing. If a large filling is showing signs of stress, a dental crown can strengthen and support the weakened tooth.

-Unsightly teeth: Unsightly teeth often benefit the most from a dental crown restoration. If you have teeth that are misshapen, discolored, or gapped, dental crowns are an excellent solution to restoring their appearance.

-Root canal: A root canal will leave the tooth with a hollow space inside and more vulnerable to fracture. Dental crowns strengthen teeth to their full form and function.

-Broken cusp: Cusps on the teeth can be broken due to injury or from having a large filling that weakens the tooth’s structure. The cusps normally handle the brunt of your chewing action making them susceptible to potential fracture and breakage.

-Cracked tooth syndrome: This can happen when there is a fracture within the tooth that hurts when you bite down a certain way. Chewing places stress on the fracture lines resulting in pain. A dental crown will help hold the tooth together so that when you bite or chew the stress is spread out more evenly over the tooth.

-Bruxism: This common condition arises when you clench or grind your teeth constantly. This results in wear and tear on your pearly whites. Over time the affected teeth can shorten. Covering these damaged teeth with dental crowns will restore their form and function.

Dental crowns might just be the right solution for your smile. To find out more about how a dental crown restoration may benefit you, please call 802-879-7811 in Essex Junction, Vermont for a consultation. Dr. J. Scott Thompson, DMD and our team are always happy to help you maintain the healthy smile you deserve!