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Do you know that dental veneers popularity has swept the nation and growing because of the wave of success it has had in recent years? Here at Scott Thompson, DMD in Essex Junction, Vermont, our professional team is happy to give you the information on dental veneers, so you understand how dental veneers can help you and why they have become so popular.

To begin, dental veneers are custom crafted to match and fit over your existing teeth. Each veneer is created and carefully placed over the tooth to hide defects in your teeth. Some defects veneers can hide include:

-Chipped teeth
-Stained or discolored
-Cracked teeth
-Slightly gapped teeth
-Slightly misaligned teeth

As you can see, there are several reasons to choose dental veneers for your tooth or smile restoration needs. Dr. J. Scott Thompson, DMD is trained and experienced when it comes to dental veneers and more than happy to help you find out if they could work for you.

If you are interested in having a smile you can be proud of, please call us today at 802-879-7811 to set up an appointment. Our team of experts is happy to talk with you and help you and your smile stay healthy and bright.