All You Need to Know About the Things that Make Your Gums Bleed

Your gums are sensitive oral tissues that can become severely irritated. When they’re irritated, they usually bleed. This is an inconvenient occurrence that many people choose to ignore. If this is something you tend to do, it’s time to change your ways. Usually, bigger dental issues and poor habits cause bloody gums, which means you need to identify the underlying... read more »

The Two Dental Fillings that Can Treat Your Cavity and Restore Your Smile

Did you know cavities can grow and spread? Well, it’s true. This is why Dr. Scott Thompson and Dr. Erica Grayson DiGuglielmo strongly encourage you to get a cavity treated as soon as you notice it. That way your dentist can repair your tooth with a simple dental filling. For your convenience, our dental team offers two different dental fillings... read more »