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Cavities that develop in your front teeth can be obvious and embarrassing, not to mention harmful to your smile. However, composite dental fillings are an excellent choice for these kinds of cavities because they are tooth colored and help your smile look natural.

Your composite dental filling will be created from a mixture of powdered glass and acrylic resin and then shaded to the natural color of your tooth. The first step of placing the filling is to remove all traces of dental decay and leave the remaining tooth structure dry and clean. We place the filling in layers, using a special ultraviolet light between each layer to harden the filling. The process of placing a composite dental filling is longer than that of a silver filling because the tooth must be kept dry the whole time to promote a strong bond with the filling.

Despite their many cosmetic benefits, composite dental fillings can stain and become discolored more easily than other filling materials, but you can practice good dental hygiene to keep your composite filling looking great. One method is to limit the amount of dark-colored food and drinks you consume. You should also brush twice a day and floss daily, in addition to receiving professional dental cleanings and exams from our dentist every six months. During these visits, they can evaluate the quality of your dental filling to know if it needs to be replaced. Please keep in mind, no dental filling will last forever.

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