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Are you ready to improve the color of your smile? With the coming of the fall season and the numerous temptations that await you, it is important to make sure your oral health is in tip-top shape. Remember to do your best to avoid all the sweets and treats that come your way, and consider visiting your dentist for oral health care treatments that can improve your smile. One effective treatment for improving your smile is a professional tooth whitening system designed to remove stains and discolorations and whiten your teeth.

Professional whitening treatments are customized to your exact dental profile with a dental tray that applies a gel directly to your teeth. Through the use of a specialized lamp that activates the gel, your teeth can be dramatically whitened in a single office visit. Typical treatments often last no more than an hour and can improve your smile by as many as 10 shades. Furthermore, additional at home treatment kits can be given by your dentist to use for minor touch-ups.

An alternative to consider includes treatments sold in stores. If you buy a tooth whitening system online or in a store, the products may not contain the same levels of safety and effectiveness as a professional system would. The products remain unregulated and many do not give the results they say they do. Some can even bleach your gums or damage your tooth enamel. Before using any over the counter teeth whitening product, speak with your dentist.

Depending on your smile’s condition, our dentist at Scott Thompson, DMD can help you find which tooth whitening treatment will work best for you. Dr. J. Scott Thompson, DMD and our team would love to see you at our dentist office in Essex Junction, Vermont. To schedule an appointment, please call us at 802-879-7811. We look forward to seeing you smile.