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A white smile can help boost self-confidence and be a part of making a great first impression. When unsightly stains set onto the teeth in your smile, it can hamper your social life and potential business interactions.

There are any number of things that can cause stains to develop on your smile. It could be the result of the aging process, regularly enjoying dark foods, or frequently drinking dark beverages. Tobacco users are at increased risk of significant stains on their teeth. The tar and other chemicals introduced to the mouth are known to be potent sources of dental staining.

While you might be tempted to try one, the whitening products sold in stores will likely leave you feeling underwhelmed. They simply lack the potency and effectiveness to remove tobacco stains from tooth enamel. Even some of the stronger ones have the potential to harm your teeth and gums.

In a situation like this, the wisest course of action is to turn to our dentist for a teeth whitening in Essex Junction, Vermont. We have access to potent whitening agents and the tools and training to protect your gums and teeth.

Once your smile has been fully whitened, you should strongly consider abstaining from tobacco. Not only will this preserve the luster of your teeth, but it can significantly reduce your chances of suffering oral and medical health problems.

If you are struggling with a tobacco-stained smile and you live in the Essex Junction, Vermont, area, you should call 802-879-7811 to set up a whitening consultation with Dr. J. Scott Thompson, DMD.