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Athletic participation, automotive collisions, and household accidents are just a few of the potential causes of an accidental blow to the mouth. This can cause soft tissue damage, affect the periodontal tissues, or potentially alter one of your teeth.

Even if you don’t notice any overt signs of distress to a tooth’s enamel layer, there could still be an issue lingering in the gums or in the sensitive core of the tooth.

If you have recently suffered a blow to the mouth and a few days later, you’ve noticed gradual toothache pain building up, you need to seek professional treatment from a reputable dentist like Dr. J. Scott Thompson, DMD.

This type of toothache might be linked to growing inflammation in the area, or unseen damage to the tooth’s root.

If you need help managing the pain while you wait to see Dr. J. Scott Thompson, DMD, you might try rubbing the surrounding gums with a topical oral analgesic. If you don’t have any on hand, a standard dose of an over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medication might also help.

Once Dr. J. Scott Thompson, DMD has X-rayed and examined the tooth, they can help you understand the necessary treatment plan to restore the integrity of the tooth. This might call for our dentist to perform a root canal.

This mode of treatment will effectively remove the tooth enamel layer as well any other traumatized components within the tooth. Once this is done, Dr. J. Scott Thompson, DMD will gutta percha to create an abutment capable of anchoring a dental crown restoration.

If you live in the Essex Junction, Vermont, area and you are suffering from a toothache after suffering an oral trauma, you should call 802-879-7811 to seek treatment.