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Although your oral health often depends on a full smile, there are times when a tooth extraction may be needed. However, the sooner you can heal after a tooth extraction, the sooner you can get back to improving your smile.

In order to keep your oral health at its best, consider the following information about tooth extraction:

– Follow your dentist’s instructions regarding medications for pain or swelling.
– It is important to rest after a tooth extraction so your body can focus all of its energy on healing the extraction site.
– If you were given anesthesia, follow your dentist’s instructions for aftercare.
– Talk to your dentist about any concerns you may have about the procedure.
– If your recovery doesn’t go smoothly, you should contact your dentist right away.

Make sure to take good care of your smile after a tooth extraction. For more information about tooth extraction recovery, or to schedule an exam with Dr. J. Scott Thompson, DMD and our team at Scott Thompson, DMD, give us a call at 802-879-7811. Our office is conveniently located in Essex Junction, Vermont. We will be glad to help you achieve the results you are looking for!