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Dental crowns are generally created from dental materials that rival the durability of natural tooth enamel. They are typically used to treat a tooth that has been significantly compromised by a large cavity, dental fracture, or dental attrition.

As strong as a dental crown is, there are still times when it can be chipped or fractured. This is even more likely to occur if you use your teeth to open packaging, nibble on desktop items, or grind your teeth while you sleep.

In a situation like this, you should not delay in seeking treatment from a reputable dentist like Dr. J. Scott Thompson, DMD. The longer you delay the more likely you are to suffer significant complications.

While you’re waiting for your appointment, you should not attempt to clean, brush, floss or manipulate any part of the damaged dental work. If you have blood or unwanted material in your mouth you can rinse it away with a little lukewarm saltwater. Any other necessary cleaning measures should be left to Dr. J. Scott Thompson, DMD and his professionally trained staff.

After assessing the extent of the damage to your dental crown Dr. J. Scott Thompson, DMD will recommend the most applicable treatment method. This might include replacing the damaged dental work or possibly performing a root canal.

If you are in the Essex Junction, Vermont, area and you have damaged dental work, you should not delay in calling 802-879-7811 to seek treatment at Scott Thompson, DMD.